Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal

"Come War Profiteers, Give Account"

Subpoena Delivery and Shutdown of Lockheed Martin in San Francisco

By Cynthia Papermaster

On December 8, 2023, CODEPINK and about 100 friends shut down a Lockheed Martin office in San Francisco’s financial district in observance of “International Shutdown for Palestine”.

We had a great action. Thanks to CODEPINK staff creating an event page, graphics, a media alert and social media coverage, and due to posting the action on and AROC calendars, over 100 mostly youthful activists, whose knowledge, energy and commitment is so inspiring, showed up and just kept arriving. We made some noise! People chanted, sang, picketed, chalked colorful messages and printed blood-red handprints on the sidewalk. Children colored peace signs and chalked the sidewalk.

We attempted to deliver the “Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal” subpoena for Lockheed, but security locked all the doors before we could enter. We tried to go inside through the parking garage but guards stood in our way and threatened to have us arrested. So although we couldn’t get inside the building to deliver the subpoena, WE SHUT LOCKHEED DOWN!

We also held a short teach-in based on the American Friends Service Committee Report: The report states “Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest military company. It manufactures multiple weapon systems that are routinely used in war crimes against Palestinian civilians and reconnaissance aircraft that are used to monitor the US–Mexico border.” There is a widespread understanding of Lockheed’s role in genocide. We gave folks an opportunity to express their anger. In doing the research for this action I found a Lockheed shareholder resolution introduced in 2023. The resolution challenged Lockheed’s vast human rights violations. The resolution failed, but shareholders are being made aware that their profits are tied to war crimes.

CODEPINK album of photos by Catherine, Eleanor and Cynthia:

Leon Kunstenaar’s terrific photos: 2023 Dec. 8, SF-Lockheed War Crimes Protest.

KPFA 6PM evening news coverage of the “Lockheed: No Weapons for Genocide” action is @15:54 mins. The Lockheed report follows the news discussion about Israel/Palestine.